Thursday, March 17, 2011

A Day In the City: IFC cinema, hot dogs, leopard tops & sore legs

My body is aching. How can 2 miles of city walking hurt every inch of my body? I'm so out of shape, that's definitely what it is. I have lived in suburbia far too long! :p
But it was all worth it. We went into the city to watch the korean revenge film, "I saw the devil" at the IFC cinema. Usually anything that plays on IFC is a winner for me, but being Korean and all, I knew I had to see this.  That and my hubs begging me literally to make the trip into the city to watch this.  Well, I'm glad we went. It was absolutely brilliant! Loved the complex portrayal of revenge and probably one of the most intense slasher films that I ever saw in my life! It was a heavy heavy and emotional movie. Very IFC lol
Check this out also. IFC has these really neat movie posters (original posters). I took thispicture of an original Hitchcock movie poster of the Birds (Japanese edition, cool yeah?)

I dodged the busy manhattan streets far better than my other half lol.  I guess he's been out of London for quite some time himself hehe.  We ate really bad and delicious cheap hot dogs and ate real cheese fries (yum) and I walked out with a leopard top from urban outfitters and a free reusable bag. Sorry I don't have pictures of my leopard top, but it's very 80's and love every gawdy bit of it :)  I was very close to Rescue Beauty Lounge but didn't have enough time to go in.  I had a great time as usual in the city, and I'll miss it a lot.

In a few days, I depart for London and my new adventure begins.

I was reflecting on my past 2 years and how I have moved around quite a bit - sort of like a nomad.  From D.C. to Miami to NYC and now off to London.  I'm such a bad photographer and even a worse a photo taker, so I don't have much, but I wanted to share some of my photos that brought a smile to my face.

When Oscar was a puppy and we first got him in Miami.  He was not happy about the Miami heat, that's for sure.  You see those devious eyes, he was eyeing a lizard to pounce on lol

Our first batch of bananas from our tree
I remember how tropical I thought Miami was when I first moved there lol
Banana and mango trees, lizards everywhere, humidity (wow the humidity), and I just thought to myself, wow I'm in the jungle lol

From miami jungle to the concrete jungle
Back in NYC area


Next stop...

See you ladies there.  I can't wait for the fish n chips, good Indian food, topshop, drum and bass parties, UK charity shops, UK nail varnish, and only hours away from Paris, Amsterdam and other fabulous european cities.

So thank you to my 18 followers and hope you come along with me 5 hours into the future to UK time!


  1. Aww Oscar is a babe! Bon Voyage!

    P.S. What's Tokki & Oliver?

  2. It's the new name of my blog! It's a little bit of an inside joke between my DH and I. :)

  3. Oh and thank you for that comment about Oscar :) I'll put up some older pictures of him shortly :)