Sunday, March 13, 2011

Ulta haul - NYX jumbo eye pencil & Eyebrow cake powder

Part 2 of my VA cheap shopping haul was at Ulta.
I heard lots of raves about NYX, so when I had a $5 of $10 coupon from Ulta, I decided to test out NYC.

Why not right?  I'm definitely testing out some low end/drugstore products to make my money stretch far these days and a lot of beauty gurus and makeup artist I have been watching have all had this NYX jumbo eye pencil in their kit - so if it's good enough for them, it's good enough for me.

what possessed me to get the eye pencil in Milk though??????? I have a white eyeliner for my waterline from Chanel which I barely use.  So I don't know what I'll be doing with this eye pencil.  I have seen some people use it as a base to other colors, but I'm afraid it will look to pastel like on me.  Either way, the texture and application is great on this product.  I have no complaints about it, it is smooth and very easy to apply, so don't hesitate to get this if you see a color you like from this line.

Now, the second product is my eyebrow cake powder, which I stupidly got in a slightly lighter color than I should have.  I have black eyebrows and so I got this in brunette, but really even the darker part of the 2 colors was too light on me.  I was not fond of the wax part on the far left.  It had a petroleum jelly smell to it and it brought back some bad childhood memories lol.  My parents used petroleum jelly on EVERYTHING lol.  So I did try this once on my eyebrows and I was happy with the overall look after I was finished, but I am so sensitive to certain smells and I will probably end up putting this one on sale.
It comes with 2 brushes, a slanted eyebrow brush and a eyebrow brush.  Both were sturdy and well made for this little kit.  Other than that, I wish the wax was already mixed in with the color for easier application.  My hunt for eyebrow makeup continues....


  1. I love love love when Ulta has these NYX buy one get one half off! They really come in some gorgeous colors.

    Just FYI.. Some of the pencils have a plastic outer so you need their NYX Sharpener to sharpen them (at least my regular liner sharpener won't do the trick).

  2. Thanks for the notice about the plastic outer. I just grabbed my pencil and realized it was super hard. I am going to have to pick up a NYX sharpener eventually. Thanks for the heads up!