Saturday, March 26, 2011


We have heard it said over and over again how times are rough and you hear about people coming up with ways to save money. I'm definitely not excluded from this bunch. The days of designer shoe shopping has come to a halt in my life and to be truthful I am happy to have replaced my obsession with a slightly cheaper obsession.

In the states, the dollar store is NEVER a dollar..unless you are at dollar tree, which definitely sticks to their store name. However, I found that in the UK, pound land is exactly a pound and boy did I stock up on things like cotton balls, q tips, nail polish remover, and more.

I wanted to show you this Body polish that I got for one pound (for those Americans, it's roughly 60 cents at the moment). No 7 is sold at Boots stores and I heard some really good things about this brand, despite never having tried anything from No 7, so when I saw that this was a pound, I grabbed two. One for me, one as a gift.

I's really excited to try this tomorrow in my shower.

First, the name is quite odd. It's called Really renewing, now why not just Renewing body polish? But nope, it says Really renewing lol, so I hope this is really renewing.

And if it sucks and there aren't enough exfoliating granules in this polish, I'll most likely just use it as a body wash or even as a bubble bath, ahhh speaking of bubble baths, I'm going to Lush to grab some bubble bars and bath bombs, so check back with me later this week.

It's a pound, if it sucks then oh well at least it only cost me a pound.


*Update: This product is amazing for a pound. The granules are medium size and really scrubbed my dead skin away. The scent was pleasant and clean (which I like) and I think it left my skin feeling very smooth. A little also goes a long way. Bargain purchase!

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