Tuesday, March 1, 2011

NOTD: D&G Stromboli Swatches & Review *updated pics*

A few days I got this wonderful glitter nail varnish and I'm rushing to put up a swatch, because I want everyone to see it's great. It's night now, but I promise to get some day light swatches as well.

1) One coat is all you need
2) Tons of product for the price
3) Tons of glitter, what you see is what you get
4) It dried super quick. The fastest of any polish I've ever tried!!

I have only 1 issue and it's the brush. Being spoiled by the new Dior brush, the D&G brush kind of bells out and therefore deposits way more polish on your nail then you need, so make sure you are sparing with the amount you use.

Here's some quick swatches.
I promise, more daylight swatches tomorrow :)


  1. Comparison pix with Czarina, please!!! PS - it looks FAB on you!

  2. Thank you! I'll do the comparison pix as soon as I return home.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! Love that it's one coat application.

  4. Sorry the comparison pics are taking so long. I got them in some good sunlight to show the minor difference to Dior Czarina gold. I've been running around preparing for my move, so I will get that posted shortly :) Stay tuned!