Monday, March 14, 2011

LORAC's Close Up: Real Life To Red Carpet Eye Tutorial

I am definitely broadening my horizons when it comes to makeup. Before I use to purchase mainly Chanel, Dior, and MAC.  Unfortunately for those companies, I have fallen in love with other brands.  Inglot is one, the other is Lorac for their buttery shimmery neutrals.

I was at Ulta today just perusing the clearance section for some good deals (which were none) but I came upon this kit.

Currently, Lorac is giving a free gift with any purchase.  It was a nice deluxe size lipgloss called Couture Shine Liquid Lipstick Trend setter.  Wow a long name for such a tiny sample lol. And with great hesitation, a rude SA at ulta also gave me a Bremenn 6 in 1 skin cream sample.  Ok, let me rant a bit - why do SA's get upset when you ask for samples? It's not coming out of their pocket? They don't get commission off of it, so why is it such a pain for them?  It just annoys the crap outta me - seriously.  If you are a SA and reading this, customers love samples..customers return to stores that give samples..customers may repurchase from you if you give the moral of this story is - GIVE SAMPLES god dammit lol.

So back on topic. The lorac kit is awesome! I got:

Movie Star eyeshadow trio
Great color payoff on the 2 lighter shades. The black I will be using sparingly as a eyeliner because it was a bit more matte than I would have liked, but 2 out of 3 shadows that made the cut isn't that bad.

A dual ended makeup brush
Not too shabby for a gwp brush and very nice and soft bristles 

Eyeshadow primer
Liquid eyeliner
and a mascara (dual ended with primer and mascara)

All for $36.  Of course the box claims it retails $140, but more realistically it's around a $70-80 value, which in my book is still great for only $36.  Everything is full size, except for the makeup brush and primer, which is still bigger than most deluxe sizes.

It also came with a tutorial booklet.  I think Lorac could have saved some money on the booklet and did a double-sided foldable pamphlet and have given another product inside this kit - just saying :p

I missed out on the 3D kit, so I'm super excited to have landed this good deal.
I hear Lorac also has a VIP discount section on their website. Great prices and a super bargain if you can obtain a free shipping code.  

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