Monday, March 28, 2011

Quick trip to London - Lush, Boots and L'occitane Haul

DH and I had to run into the city really quick today in order to exchange dollars to pounds. OUCH! It really really hurt exchanging all my hard earned money and to get about half of what I had, in fact...I cried a little (inside) lol

So the shopping trip was a bit dampened by my mood after that, so I just ran into L'occitane to get my mother her mother's day present. Luckily she doesn't read my blog, so I can post it up for you all.

Home oils for the diffusers in Lavender and White Flower. I personally liked the light sweet floral scent of White flower so I got it for her. She loves Lavender (I know this, because her house smells like a Lavender field) so that was an obvious choice.

Each are 10 pounds and that roughly makes it out to about or a little cheaper than what it costs in the I grabbed two.

Oh the third bottle is Marks & Spencer's Royal Jelly hand cream. Apparently another favorite of hers, so I grabbed that for 2 pounds.

(The background is actually a vintage scarf that I got from Lush)

Then I ran into Lush at Liverpool Street station and had a good time looking around. The staff was quite pleasant too. Loved the girl's tattoos as well!

So while I was there, I did make out like a bandit LOL I don't know if it was cheaper than the states like many have said, but I didn't care because I can't resist Lush.

I got this sugar scrub. I have used this before and loved the exfoliating scrub. It is great for my arms, elbows, feet, and just anywhere that needs extra attention and care.

Next up, Love lettuce fresh face mask. I've tried almost all of their face mask. I think they are cheap and last a long time. They also feel so freaking amazing when you pull them out of the fridge and put them on your face. Talk about refreshing...ahhhh....
Oh, this also have little almond shell pieces for exfoliating and it really really works!

I couldn't leave Lush without my bubble bars. A little crumble makes so many bubbles and I think you get more bang for your buck with these than any of the other bath products from Lush.
My bubble bar was called the comforter and it smells of blackberries. I am going to really enjoy using this tonight.

This next product is new to me. Jumping Juniper shampoo bar is suppose to be good for greasy hair, which is what I suffer from badly, so hopefully it will do some magic.
Plus, I like the whole solid bar concept and lack of preservatives that are in other liquid shampoos to keep it from going bad, so I hope this works.

And last but not least, you can't walk out of Lush without a bath bomb. I grabbed avobath, because I want the smoothing effects of the avocados in this bath bomb to moisturize my tired winter skin.
I really can't wait to try this one either. It also smells so fresh!

Ok, so onto some free stuff. I got this lotion with a Marie Claire magazine. This is so awesome! We never had this in the states, free gifts that come with the magazine. So I have no idea what lotion this is, but I laughed because it's called "Cowshed" knackered cow relaxing body lotion. LOL at cow. I guess that's what I am lol

and I get to look at what a Marie Claire UK magazine is like.

And speaking of lotions...I really need some, so I grabbed this body butter from fcuk (french connection) and it was cheap and on sale and it's a body butter. Not sure if it will be great, but I got to give these brands a try, or else I won't know.
So for 4 pounds, I picked this up while I was at Boots.

So after I came home from spending all this money (bad Sue! bad Sue!), I was so pleasantly surprised that the sales agent from Saks in NJ sent me these free Bond no 9 perfume samples -

I'm super happy about the Madison Square Park sample. This is going to be my next perfume once I finish all the perfumes that I currently have. It is a burst of freshness and youth. Only if it wasn't $260 :(

So I hope you guys enjoyed my little purchases.

I am soooo exhausted, so I'm off to bed. Tomorrow I go into town to find a 50th wedding anniversary gift for my in laws - wish me luck!

until next time, take it EZ !! :)


  1. Are stuff much more pricier there?! :(

  2. Hey kitty, yeah it's definitely pricer here :(, but i am enjoying seeing all the new brands that I'm not familiar with.