Saturday, March 26, 2011

Christian Lacroix C'est La Fete perfume from Debenhams

I know I have a lot of catching up to do when it comes to UK beauty shops. I just signed up for my Debenhams Beauty rewards card and purchased my first item today.

At a whopping 11 pounds, I got this really light and sweet smelling perfume called "C'est La Fete" by Christian Lacroix.
I grabbed it for 2 reasons. First, I didn't realize Christian Lacroix made perfumes and I never saw this in the states and the second reason, because it was only 11 pounds on sale from 33.

I got to the perfume before a huge mob came afterwards to the clearance rack and I managed to escape with this in hand.

It took me a while to check out, because I was side tracked by the awesome Butter London set up. I have never seen these polishes in real life, and they were just gorgeous! mental note - add more to collection.

So I was very happy with my cheap purchase today at Debenhams and a great start to accumulating points on my beauty card.

Christian Lacroix C'est la Fete has top notes of pear, passion fruit, blackcurrant, bergamot and apricot blending with heart note of mirabelle, jasmine, tagette, rose, orchid, and vanilla. Finishing with the base of musk and sandalwood.

Sounds nice right? It is, and to be frank, I have smelled something quite similar to this and I remember it costing a hell of a lot more than 11 pounds, so this is quite a good purchase in my opinion.

For those in the UK who need a nice light fragrance and a bit skint, try this. You won't regret it.

And for those in the US, if you can get this, you definitely should instead of spending loads more on those perfumes that are heavily advertised and heavily marked up.

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