Wednesday, March 2, 2011

I'm in INGLOT heaven (pic heavy)

I just found out about Inglot last week and maybe some of you are wondering wtf I'm talking about here lol.
Inglot is a makeup company from Poland and has been around for over 25 years and America is JUST getting to know this brand. We are so behind, aren't we sometimes??

Before I tell you guys about my amazing trip to Inglot. I want to put their website up first.

and here is their store listings, because right now they do not have an online website...

OK. So are you guys ready from some major eye candy?

I was on youtube last week just doing random searches. I love seeing haul videos and tutorials, so I came across this british makeup artist who was raving about Inglot. I was initially drawn in by their amazing price points and raves about pigmentation, so I looked online and I am fortunate to be currently living 15 minutes away from one.
I also found their facebook page and saw they give free makeovers with any $75 purchase and I had to jump on this. I got a very quick response from Chris the manager and booked my appointment in.

The next day I rushed to Inglot at the Garden State Plaza in NJ and had the best day of my makeup shopping life.

It's a tiny shop in this huge mall, but it sticks out. Immediately I'm drawn to the bright store that oddly resembled MAC, but much more cutting edge. The store fixings were all black (which I loved) and displayed a mirage of vibrant colors. It was super bright in there which just highlighted the full color spectrum of all the glorious makeup.

I walked in and immediately greeted by Lucy and met Chris the manager shortly after. I not only fell in love with the makeup surrounding me, but hands down the best customer service that I have received in a cosmetic shop EVER in my life. You gals know what I mean, the uptight, I'm better than you, snotty a$$ attitudes, but not here. You will get nothing but friendly & knowledgable staff. I can't rave enough about them...but onto the makeup.

Please forgive my crappy camera photos. Even with the flash off, it was so bright in there that some of the colors didn't show up, but you can see the jist of the mass amounts of makeup. I thought I took more pictures, but I was too excited to start swatching the makeup. oopsy....

Here are some shots of the store (embrace yourself!!)

Had enough? Not done yet....

It was amazing to look at hundreds & hundreds of eyeshadows, eyeliners, cream eyeliner, liquid eyeliners, pigments, polish, blushes, foundations, liquid foundations, cream foundations, lipsticks, lipgloss, oh my god, I could go on and on.

I immediately went straight for the palettes. Thank god I went when I went, because I got a 10 shadow palette for $50 ($50 bucks, not $145 like MAC) and the colors were so lush.

I also picked up one of the smoothest lipsticks that I have tried on in a few years.
A nailpolish always somehow made it into my haul as well (shocker!!!). This polish is amazing, on top of the gorgeous holographic flakies, I was also learned that the polishes have a technology called O2M which is a breathable technology that is also in our contact lenses. That's very important, because the amount of polish I go through, my nails need to "breathe" and not be constantly attacked with chemicals. Inglot's polishes are alos 4-FREE & if you know me that's important.

So here is my haul...

Here's a close up of my flakies and body pigments....gorgeous sparkle!

The brush is super soft & high quality. I tried it last night and it picked up pigment very well - that's a huge deal for me.

I did get another polish, but I can't reveal it here since it's a surprise gift for someone (hope she isn't looking LOL).

The pink/coral/gold glitter is actually a body pigment, but I'm not ten so I'll be wearing it on my face hehehe. It's soft and very gorgeous.

Everything is gorgeous. I am done with MAC and their out of stock products and glitzy marketing. I want pigmented, soft, and affordable makeup and I found it.

I'm blessed to live near one, but for those who aren't near one, do a phone order.
Do it fast though, because sometime in May is the price increase apparently.

So to wrap it up, these are the 10 reasons why I LOVE INGLOT!

1) Animal friendly
2) o2m technology in nail polish
3) Gorgeous flakies
4) Pigmented and very soft eyeshadows
5) Packaging is modern
7) All items are made in Poland - I like this because they didn't outsource it to China like a lot of cosmetic companies
8) Mineral based makeup
9) 90% of the pigments is made up of actual pigments and only 10% fillers such as mica

And last but not least, the purpose of my blog ....

10) PRICING is affordable

Don't fall for all the hype on Chanel, Dior, etc. etc. Honestly the last few items that came out from these big fashion houses have been disappointing. Sheer and very poor pigmentation and overpriced sticker prices are a huge turn off for me. I want good color pay off and animal friendly, so Inglot has now entered my life and is going NO where!

It's only 24 hours later and I'm itching to get another palette before the price increase.

Anyone tried Inglot? Love it? Let me know what your favorite pieces are.


  1. Oh shucks, I just read under your Cruelty-Free tab that D&B test on animals.. Guess no D&B polishes for me

    The Inglot store looks AMAZING! I wish they had an online store. How much were the flakies? I must have it, even though NJ is a LONG drive away...

  2. I was very disappointed that d&g test on animals too, since I loved "Light blue" by them :(

    Inglot flakies were $10 each and if NJ is far from you, call the store and do a phone order, but do it before April 1st, since they are having a huge price increase!