Sunday, June 17, 2012

Smashbox Halo Hydrating Pefecting Powder in Light Review

A very generous online friend gave me this to test and review for this blog.  The Halo powder has been out for awhile, but I was always reluctant to pay this much money for a Smashbox product.

I have nothing against Smashbox, but out of the few products that I have used from them, I was not overly thrilled.  I felt their eye shadows were way too powdery, and even amongst the height of their success (i.e. tokidoki collaboration), I was never fascinated by their products.

So when the Halo powder came out with a $59 price ticket, I just didn't even think about trying it.  Now I finally get too.

When you turn the compact to the right, it shaves the powder and you get fresh loose powder.

As much as Smashbox wants to go on about the benefits of this powder, I could not find anything that I liked about this powder.

* I love black packaging, but I hate the fingerprints that it shows up.
* This product is hefty and quite bulky.  I guess it has to be that way since it's basically holds a powder and a device that shaves into a loose powder.  Basically, it's just too big for me.
* This powder will exaggerate large pores or dry skin, so if you suffer from these day things, you want to avoid this powder
* This is in shade Light, and yet there is this awful orange tint to the powder.  Unless you are a sunbed worshipper, I can not see this fitting any one's natural skin tone.  My photos make them seem golden, but in real life they are truly orange...yuck.

There was one thing that I liked about this product however..
The fact that you can turn the compact to shave fresh loose powder is amazing.  I absolutely love that feature and wish other brands would start doing this.

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