Sunday, June 17, 2012

Revlon Colorstay Nail Polish in 080 Delicious

This is the first that I have used a Revlon Colorstay nail polish, so I had to do my online research to learn about this new Revlon line.  I also wanted to know what was so special that it merited a £7.99 price tag.
Revlon claims:
"Revlon® Colorstay Nail Enamel with Shade Lock Technology™ - for colour that stays true throughout the life of your manicure.  Inspired by salon gel nails - super high shine and chip-resistant colour.
Wide angle brush for a smooth, even, streak free application"

I completely agree that this is a better polish range, not sure if it's £7.99 better, but definitely better.

* High shine polish - check
* Amazing wide angle brush for smooth, even, streak free application - check
* One coat opaqueness - check

Delicious is a beautiful red/orange polish that is perfect for this upcoming season.

As far as long lasting, that is debatable.  Because of the slightly thick gel like formula, the dry time on this is very long.  

So I don't think I will buy another Revlon colorstay unless I found it at pound land or something, but not at 7.99.  What about you? Have you tried these?

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