Sunday, June 17, 2012

Christian Dior Haul: Sunset Eye gloss and Diorshow Extase in Prune Extase

I have a love/hate relationship with promotions, especially when I end up spending money that I don't really have lol.  I ended up buying the Diorshow Extase in Prune Extase (purple) and their new Eye gloss in Sunset.


I am not a huge mascara gal, because I'm so lazy but I did love this purple mascara.  It seemed to have brightened my eyes, without looking too obvious.  It's a very subtle purple tinted dark mascara.  The wand itself is very unique with it's winding spiral staircase like structure.  It's so unique that I plunged and got another mascara that I will probably never use again haha.

The next product that I ended up getting during this promotion was the new eye gloss in Sunset. 

I played it safe and got a "safe" colour.  Sunset is a nude with a slightly pinky/peachy shimmer.

The shimmer is a very adult shimmer.  It is very sparkly and shiny, which works very well with the whole summer collection.  

When the eye gloss is blended in, it is very natural and I found it to be not only a great eye gloss but a wonderful highlighter as well.  The only downside to this was that after several hours, the colour did fade away and all that was left was my bare face which looked like I got hit in the face with fairy dust LOL!

I probably wont be buying another eye gloss, because of it's lack of staying power.  This is of course with the use of an eye primer too.  I will say however that the colour pay off is GORGEOUS with the initial application, so that is what won me over and will probably win a lot of people over too.

The Cost:
Mascara: £21
Eye Gloss: £20

What's your experience with these eye glosses?

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