Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Nail Mail: Tom Ford Coral Blame & Illamasqua Selfridges Pantone 109 Set

There is something so exciting about nail mail.  I guess the cliche statement is true, great things come in small packages.  I should really name this old nail mail as I've been sitting on these two awesome polishes for quite some time. 

I've been wanting to try Tom Ford makeup items for quite sometime, but the price tag has scared me away.  I had an amazing swap on MUA and this beauty landed on my doorstep from the states.  As usual, it was cheaper there than there.

I requested Coral Blame as I am loving these coral, tangerine, bright colours this summer. I almost said spring as the UK is just now getting spring/summer weather (about time!).

The package exudes luxury from it's textured box to the Tom Ford golden logo'ed square bottle.  It's heavy and for some odd reason I equate expensive with heavy things (I apply this logic to handbags too). I'm so happy to have this polish despite not swatching it yet.

My photos made the box and cap look black, but it's a very dark dark brown in real life. 
it's very luxurious to say the least.

I'm so in love with anything Tom Ford at the moment, so I welcome this little piece of TF into the collection.  The formula looks creamy and absolutely amazing. I can't wait to swatch this one.
Retails £25 

The next polish was an exclusive set for Selfridges.  It is my favourite shop in the UK, and when I heard that one of my favourite brands was doing an exclusive set that featured a bright yellow, I just had to jump at getting it.
Retails £21 exclusively at Selfridges

The duo comes with Self and Scorch. I really bought this duo for Self, but the Illamasqua ad really won me over.  I love the contrast of two very bold colours. Superb!

 I have actually worn Self recently and I got loads of compliments and also loads of odd looks as this really is a solid bright yellow creme.  The only downside to Self is that it does stain, and yes I even wore a base coat.  It is still worth the colour pay off, so I will just spend extra time scrubbing my nails, that's how worth it the colour really is.

So these are my two newbies to the collection.  I'm trying not to splurge too much on polish at the moment as I'm saving up for the AW rococo bag, but when products like this come along, I am too weak to resist.

What have you gotten in the mail lately?


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