Sunday, June 17, 2012

RAOK package time - Chanel, Dior, Elevation Polish, Hits & More

A huge thank you goes out to my friend who sent me this package all the way from America.  Not only did she include my favourite (and I mean favourite) coffee in the world!!!! but she also sent me some really awesome nail polish.  I really owe her big time x

This package had some heavy hitters and some awesome indie polishes.  I have mentioned Elevation Polish before on my blog, but unfortunately due to my busy work schedule have not been able to swatch any of them.  I have a swatch today however of "Froze to Death".

But first, let me show you what goodies were inside.  I actually did a youtube video instead of photos.  I kind of like the idea of my followers being able to see the items then just a series of photos. 

The polishes are (in order of appearance)

Elevation Polish - Froze to Death

Froze to Death is a unique blend of large and medium hexagon glitters, small round glitters, and white rod glitters (I think that's what the nail gals are calling them lol).  I love the stark white glitters against a sea of teal, purple, green tiny micro glitters...perhaps they are iridescent that is why I'm getting flashes of different glitters?  I know I've been saying how much I hate glitter these days, but there is something really really odd and beautiful about the name and concept of this polish.  Follow me if you will, but it reminds me of what something frozen would look like in an avalanche or something other natural disaster.  The sun is glistening on the frozen pieces of snow and ice, and reflects different colours.  It's so menacing and yet so beautiful.  It's quite clever.  In the video I wore it over the customized black holo polish that Elevation/Lulu made for me.

Elevation Polish - Custom beige linear holo

I have not been able to use this polish yet, and my camera did not capture the complexities of this polish.  When I opened my raok package last night, it was dark and the linear holo was lost, but I did see it this morning.  The reflections of green, gold and orange looks gorgeous against the taupe mushroom beige base colour.   I am super excited to try this one out!

Hits - Tango

I am so blessed to have gotten this polish.  I am a polish addict, but not to the degree of many.  I look at hard to find polishes and such go "ho hum" and store it under "polishes that I will never get my mitts on".  Lucky for me, I have fabulous true nail polish addicts that get their hands on some really htf gem polishes.  How blessed am I to have this Brazilian polish?  not only is it from Brazil, but it is absolutely stunning.  It's like Nubar 2010 on crack!  The flakies are huge and very holographic.  It's a stunner for sure.

Elevation Polish - custom black linear holo

Ahhhhhhhh....every girl's NP dream is to own OPI's My Private Jet (the original black linear holo).  I gave up on that dream.  Color Club Worth the Risque was not linear enough for me, so my yearning still exists.  However, Lulu customized this black linear holo for me.  I just have to say that the formula is absolutely AMAZING on these customs.  It was so smooth.  Me likey!

Now, I don't want to sound bias as Lulu from Elevation Polish is a sweetheart and a dear friend to me, but I have to give credit where credit is due.  The formula is amazing.  There is a lot of online drama about how Indie polishes are not producing good quality polishes, and from the photos that I saw, I'd have to agree, but the formulas on Elevation polishes are fabulous.  No colour separation, no glitter sinking (all glitters are suspended in base), and smooth formulas.

My only opinion about this whole Indie polish drama is this:

1.  Customers have to remember that these are hand made polishes, and not factory made polishes like the big NP companies (OPI, China Glaze, etc. etc.).  There is going to be a variation from batch to batch.

2.  On the flip side - Indie polish makers need to test their products for much longer than they do.  The issue of QC is very very important amongst a sea of very selective and opinionated nail polish addicts.  The whole issue of zinc balls should not have been a non issue as anyone who did any research on making NP would have known.  

So that's my 2 cents.  I personally am not into Indie polishes, because 9/10 are all about glitter bombs, and sadly that phase of my life is dwindling thin.

OK back to the raok :)

Chanel - Holiday

A much needed and desired backup.  Chanel's Holiday is THE summer polish for me.  Bright rich creamy Tangerine Orange with a red base.  LUSH!!

Dior - St Tropez

AHHHHH....YOU ARE FINALLY MINE!!!!!!! mwahahahaha.  I've been wanting St. Tropez ever since I gave up on obtaining it the first round.  Super stoked and super grateful for this polish!

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