Sunday, June 3, 2012


The Dior VIP program is not highly publicized here in the UK, mainly due to the fact that it's not even half as good as the VIP program from the US.  In the USA, each point you spend on Dior products can be saved to redeem for Dior gifts.  They can range from deluxe samples to actual full size products.  I know back in 2010, I fully took advantage of this program and reached up to the 1000 points (which was the maximum prize back then).  If you missed that post, you can check it out HERE.

So when my awesome Dior SA told me that there was in fact a Dior program in the UK, I signed up for it.  She did explain it wasn't like a redemption program, but I signed up anyways as I do spend an awful amount of my extra spending cash on Dior.  Why not right? Well, she showed me this gorgeous catalog that was send to the Dior VIP members and I was so bummed out that I missed it, it really was a beauty and a collectible item for those who are nerdy like me and like to collect that kind of thing.   So I just wanted to show you what was actually send to me in the post.

Now don't get too excited, it isn't amazing, but I did enjoy receiving mail from them.  It recognizes that I am actually a loyal customer and little things like that do actually work to retain customers.  

A set of 5 heavy duty card stock promo materials came to my doorstep. Each card was beautifully designed with different products featured on the back.

And I was invited to the counter for a preview.  Dior lippies aren't my favourite out of the high end luxury ranges, so I probably won't take advantage of this, but I will take this into my fav SA and see if she may have some samples or what not in exchange for the makeover :)

So like I said, it isn't the best thing I've gotten, but I was definitely spoiled by the Dior USA VIP program.  I hope that the UK program will catch up and instate a program like their US counterparts.  It also doesn't help that Dior cost more here than in the US, but at this point, I'll take whatever the VIP program has to give me. Something is always better than nothing, right?

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