Sunday, June 3, 2012

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash Review

I started to use the Benefit Foaming cleanser in the beginning of April.  I initially purchased this, because I had a sample of it before and absolutely loved the fresh scent.  I also thought that it left my face feeling squeaky clean, so I ended up paying retail for this.  I wanted to use this cleanser for some time before reviewing it in all fairness.  The last two months has been the best two months in regards to blemishes.  I don't know if it's a result of this product or not, but I can say that I only had 2 blemishes throughout these past couple of months.  That's amazing for me!  I do believe that this product did cleanse my skin of all the dirt, oil, and grime on a daily basis.  

So today when I went to use the cleanser, nothing would come out.  The bottle is made of a hard plastic, so it's kind of hard to squeeze out the product.  I knew that there was product left inside, because when you hold up the bottle to the sunlight, you can see slightly through it.  So I decided to cut it open just to see how much product is left inside and wasted once you can't get any more out.  You guys are going to be shocked as there was roughly 25% still remaining inside.  Doesn't this remind you of the Urban Decay primer potions that we all had to cut to get the wasted remainder?

I wasn't about to leave all the cleanser, so I depotted it into another jar. 
What a waste right?

So if it wasn't for the awkwardness of the bottle and product wasted, I would have given this cleanser a 9/10, but instead I'm going with a 7/10 as it really was a hassle to try to get the rest of the cleanser out.  I understand that Benefit wanted to keep up a level of quality by making the plastic bottle hefty, but it doesn't allow you to squeeze out the entire product, so it's a bit of a fail in regards to packaging.  I will probably repurchase this cleanser sometime down the line if I see it for a good price on ebay, but other than that, this really was inconvenient and not practical.  

Has anyone else used this? and faced this issue with this cleanser?

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