Sunday, June 3, 2012

New Shoes

It is Jubilee weekend.  I never knew what this whole Jubilee was about, but apparently it's a big deal over here lol! I guess I truly am an American.  Well, my in laws are having a family get together, and so I took off of work for the next 2 days (WOOHOO!!).  I think I'm a bit more excited about that than the actual Jubilee.  My Jubilee weekend will consist of me blogging, cleaning/sorting out my room, and getting stuff out to charities. 

Speaking of Charities, I have some new shoes to show you.  I got these at a whopping £1.80.  They are from a brand that I never heard of (Mustang), so I googled them of course and apparently Mr. Shoes was selling them for around £70 many moons ago.  I don't mind, they are just a nice bargain and the quality of the shoes were quite sturdy.  I'm trying to get out of this designer mentality, although I'll be honest, it is awfully hard to do.  But for £1.80, I really can't complain.  

and since I haven't spammed you guys with Oscar pics, here's is one of him.  He's doing well, still chasing cats and running after the birds lol.
But he's doing well and precious as ever.

So it does pay to pop into charity shops..oh did I add these were brand new as well? Best £1.80 that I have spent in a long long time.

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