Sunday, June 17, 2012

Leighton Denny Nail Polish in Daylight Robbery

Leighton Denny is ridiculous expensive here, and I basically save my pennies for Chanel and Dior at that rate, but TK Maxx had a great deal on Leighton Dennys, so I nabbed a few.

Daylight Robbery is muddy greenish dark blue base with a subtle violet shimmer. I don't like "blurples", but this one works for me as the violet shimmer is very subtle and the blue base is a greyed out muddy blue. 

The first layer is very sheer, you will need at least two or three coats to make this opaque.  That was a bit disappointing as I really can't stand sheer polishes.  But the end result made up for this.

I'm on the fence about whether to keep this one or not.  I like it, but the formula is just too thin and sheer.  I'll have to think this one over or use it as an undie.

What's your favourite Leighton Denny?

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