Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Benefit Foamingly Clean Facial Wash & Triple Performing Facial Emulsion

What is up lovely ladies? Long time! I always have a million things that I want to write, but when I actually sit down to write it, I forget it. Go figure right? Well, I actually had to say goodbye to my favourite Chanel face cleanser.  As sad as that was, I went out and replaced her very quickly with the new Benefit skincare.

I took advantage of the boots 250 bonus points, and bought these products.  For the first time, I actually bought a cleanser and moisturiser from the same company.  I normally don't do that, but I read somewhere that products work better together if they come from the same line.  Is this true? Well we shall see.

First off, superb fun cheerful packaging. I don't want to toss the packaging away.


The emulsion comes out with a pump.

I am in love with the subtle clean, fresh, and slightly fruity scent.  I basically purchased this set based on the scent alone so I really hope that this works on my combination skin.  I will report back to you soon with a review after a month or so of usage.

Basic information:
Foaming facial wash - £16.50 for 127.5g
Facial Emulsion which contains spf 15 - £19 for 50.3 ml

If you are using or have used this, please let me know how you got on with it :)


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  1. i am looking for a good facial wash that can help me with my pores... i'm interested to know how this turns out!