Sunday, April 8, 2012

Elevation Polish - Glittertind, Avalanche!, Alphubel, and Nyamuragira

Hello lovely ladies. Today's review is on the brand new company called Elevation Polish.  Based from the states, I was fortunate to get 4 Elevation polishes recently to test.  

From left to right - Avalance!, Glittertind, Alphubel, and Nyamuragira

Forgive me as I took this photo just before the sun went down, so some of the gorgeous micro glitter has been lost, but trust me it is there.

I instantly put on Nya and Avalanche on top as it was just chocked full of goodies inside.  Nya is a charcoal base with large black hex glitter, and flakies!  yep you heard me right, glitters & flakies.  I love the flakies in this however as it is really reminiscent of the volcano that it is named after.  It's really interesting and very clever.  Avalanche is also my second favourite from this lot, because it is not just your typical heavy glitter topcoat.  There are these micro tiny glitters that the heavy glitters are suspended upon.  I also love these slanted rectangular glitters also, it reminds me of ice shards.

Glittertind is much more gorgeous in real life than what you see in my photos.  It is definitely a topper, but it's a micro multi glittered topper at that.  It just reminds me of what frost and a light snow covering a mountain would look like if it was bottled up.  This one is just beautiful.

Alphubel is just one of those polishes that really catches the sunlight.  At first glance it looks like a baby blue polish, but it's so much more.  When it catches the light, Alphubel has this amazing opalescent shimmer to it.  It is a well made duo chromatic and pearly polish that shifts from baby blue to bright violet.  This one is just as unique as the rest.

The next picture just shows how much fun these polishes are, but my cuticles are just downright nasty.  No excuse, but I do actually have one as I work with my hands quite a bit and it is starting to show, sigh.  But isn't this just gorgy? Nya and avalanche make an instant galaxy nails.  

So where to buy elevation polish?  Check out her new website here.  Nya is limited edition so grab yours now.

I also had another gander at her website, and I am in love with Froze to death. Check it out.

I have to get my hands on this! I absolutely love it.

And as per usual, here is my tune of the day

Mary J Blige - I love you

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