Friday, March 30, 2012

Being undecisive NOTD

I'm so sorry that I have been neglecting you all and this blog.  Both my jobs are kicking my a$$ and frankly I am just exhausted.  So here's a quick update and also a NOTD.  Yes, I will admit that my NOTD is a bit chaotic with no direction.....ha! just like my life :p

Let's see, shall is kicking my butt like I said, Oscar is great, hubs is the usual happy guy, and I'm just a grouchy moody tired girl lol.

I don't get a day off for quite sometime, but I promise I will be blogging the very minute that I am off. So until then, here's my crazy NOTD lol

Base:  China Glaze below deck
Models own pen

What a horrible attempt at leopard spot LOLOLOLOL!!
Sometimes it's healthy to laugh at yourself.

Until next time,
take care lovelies

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