Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Grand Opening Announcement for Elevation Polish

Hello everyone. Hope you guys are all embracing the season changes and staying happy.  I am generally a happy person these days since I simplified my life a bit. I also have the day off my day job, so I'm in a great mood today :)

I wanted to tell you all about an etsy shop that is opening for Elevation Polish.  Elevation Polish is a handmade nail polish company about to debut on March 23rd.   All links will be provided below, but first let me tell you what I love about Elevation Polish.

I haven't tried any yet, but here are the reasons why I support them:

1.  The owner is an absolute doll.  In today's bitchy nail polish world, it's nice to see someone down to earth and grounded (yep, pun intended).

2.  Each colour has a deep and sentimental meaning behind them.  To some, cremes are boring, but cremes are part of our reality, and both Strangebeautiful and Elevation polish bring in a deeper and artistic meaning to cremes. Of course you guys know how much I love Strangebeautiful, so for me to find another nail polish line that applies the same type of artistic spin to cremes is alluring to me. This is a mature and sophisticated (but still fun) nail polish line. There are other finishes to Elevation Polish, so there is something for everybody.

3.  Flakie explosions - I can't not deny that I love flakies.  They are my new glitter, new crackle, new holographic - they are my new obsessions, and she has them.

4.  They are handmade - That is what is missing in my life, something substantial and handmade and not mass produced.

Here are few of her polishes....
See the two in the middle, yep, that's bottles of fun right there :)

So if you are in love,check out the links before to see all the other polishes in the range.  There are tons of shimmer, cremes, duochromes, flakies, glitter, and holos!

And of course you can email them directly at: Elevationpolish (at) gmail (dot) com

Each bottle retails for $9

Tune of the Day

LTJ Bukem - Music
It's just that kind of day people. I'm feeling great, and just euphoric. This tune just captures that.


  1. I think she's opening on the 23rd.

    1. Thanks tgp! She is absolutely right, it is tge 23rd :)