Sunday, March 18, 2012

Lisa Hoffman's Fragrance Jewelry

Such an amazing idea! Why didn't I think of this? It makes so much sense, because we wear our jewelry right at the all the pressure points of our body where heat exudes from. That is why traditionally we place perfume behind the ear, on our decolletage, and on our wrist. So Lisa Hoffman takes this concept and applies fragrance beads to the jewelry.  Sure, the jewelry is not really my style, but they are gorgeous, and I am actually very drawn to it, because they look like gorgeous ornate bird nests with little eggs inside. 

Each fragrance bead was made from sustainable wood flour and contains pure perfume.  It's also refillable, so you can change the fragrances as you want. Another genius idea!

The earrings, bracelets, and necklaces are $65 and come in the following scents

French Clary Sage - Clean Watery Linen
Japanese Agarwood - Unique Woody Zest 
Madagascar Orchid  - Exotic Modern Floral 
Tunisian Neroli - Sensuous Classic Floral 
Tuscan Fig - Sophisticated Sweet Essence

All fragrance can be purchased on her website

The other product that I absolutely love from Lisa Hoffman is her spa bath soak, which I couldn't find anymore on her website.  It has the Madagascar Orchid scent, and I melted away every time I used this in my bath.
Dirty Money ft. Rick Ross - Dirty Money

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