Sunday, October 7, 2012

My September Favourites

Time if flying by so fast. On one hand, it's a good thing as I am counting down the days until I can officially quit my job and on the other hand, it's crazy how life just goes by in a blink of an eye.

I decided to finally get my a&& in gear and start doing my monthly favourites again.  Last month was a very good makeup month for me in terms of quality of products (both old and new).  I am excited to share with you these products as I really felt that they made a huge difference in my regime. So let's begin...

Dior BB cream
This has been going on my face almost everyday now for the last month or so.  I love the dewy finish and the healthy (warm) and medium coverage it provides. I feel like my skin is hydrated and covered and that's something that I was not able to achieve with other bb creams.  I can't tell you how much I love the scent to this as well (so fresh and so clean!).  But the best thing about this bb cream is that it doesn't wash me out nor leave that odd grey tint to my skin like other bb creams have done.  Hands down...favourite bb cream of all times!

Chanel lift lumiere concealer
I always felt that eye concealers were super cakey for some reason.  Maybe it's just the ones that I tried, but I am loving this concealer by Chanel.  It really soothes my eye area (which has been looking darker and dry lately) and I can't tell you how "awake" I look now vs. before.  This is definitely a product for us 30+ who need that youthful and awake appearance.  I think next time I will go for a lighter shade, but as far as consistency and coverage it checks all the boxes off in my list of what I want an eye concealer to do.

Diorskin sculpt lifting smoothing concealer
The reason why I have been using this so much lately is that it is reaching it's shelf life. I have had this now for 2 years and realised it is time for me to use it up.  I am quite sad however that it is coming to it's end as I really love the colour of this concealer.  It gives my face a very clean finish. What I mean by that is that it really blends into the foundation that you have on and it just enhances and lightens up the area without looking like I have a different product on top of my foundation.  There is minimal blending involved and it really brightens up my face.  I've been finding areas of my skin that are darker than the rest and this does the job in concealing those.  I will definitely buy another one once this is finished.  I will say however that I do not like the applicator on this as it looks like a lip gloss wand.  It is totally useless but the product itself is great.

Dior nude foundation in 040
Rachel (my Dior SA) gave me this sample and I have been using it nonstop.  It is one notch above the bb cream in terms of coverage.  It is buildable and it gives you an amazing fresh dewy look.  I am not a beauty scientist, so I don't know the chemical compounds of foundation, but whatever it is, Dior knows how to make their products shimmer without being overly glittery (Chanel does this too).  It is a superb construction and I absolutely love it along with that trademark Dior scent.  I can not wait until the 11th for the Boots advantage points night, so that I can purchase this and rack some much needed points.  I am very excited about this product.  It looks like this came just in time as my bb cream and the Dior extreme foundation is coming to it's end soon.  Also...make sure you go a shade above what you usually take in the Dior foundations as these run much paler than the others.

Chanel illusions d'ombress in Mirifique
What can I say about this bad boy?  Ever since I saw the promo pics of the cream shadows, I have raved and raved about them. So I won't bore you guys again with my nonstop blabber about how these are my favourite cream shadows on the market.  I will say however that I use this as a gel eyeliner and that sparkle really makes my eyes pop.  I am in love with this and my MAC blacktrack has taken a back seat for awhile.  It is also lovely to use as an eyeliner and the smudge it slightly for a dramatic day time look.  

Benefit sugarbomb blush
This is another oldie but a goodie.  I pulled this one out again last month and I love the warm peachy and slightly pink blush for this time of year.  It is a perfect transition blush from summer to fall in my opinion.  

Dior shimmer powder in Amber Diamond
I don't know what I would do without this highlighter.  This has turned my dull face into a brightened and lively face in seconds.  The weather is awful here in England and I refuse to let that show on my face.  This shimmer powder has to be my #1 favourite item of the month.  It is such a chameleon (as it works with every skin tone) and blends beautifully into the skin.  I am so glad to hear that this once highly sought after/hard to find highlighter is now a permanent part of the Dior line.  Good move Dior!

Dior nude tan in 002
Ok. Ok. I know this sounds like a Dior month, but in all fairness, it wasn't intentional. I can't help it that all the Dior products have been the best performing products in my collection this month.  This was an impulse buy before my holiday as my skin was so pale and embarrassing that I knew that I needed something to fake a tan while I was abroad.  This is the first bronzer that has not made my face look muddy.  It is a few shades darker than my normal skin colour without being too orange or mud brown.  You know what I'm talking about all you fair skin ladies out there.  How many times did it look like you smeared mud on your face? I am so happy that I finally found a bronzer/contouring shade for my face.  It also comes in a beautiful silver case and an amazing little kabuki brush that I absolutely adore. Yes the price is steep but I have used it ever single day and do not plan on putting it down.  This one is bound to make the monthly favourites for quite some time now.

Tom Ford eyeshadow quad in Golden Mink
This next favourite was a huge huge lemming of mine for months.  I was able to obtain it through a swap with a lovely lady in the states. I officially can not afford to pay the amount of money that Tom Ford is asking for.  As much as I believe that this palette is worth every single penny, it's not something that I see myself shelling out in the near future.  Having said that, if you have some birthday money or you are just rich lol, you MUST get this palette. It is like the Bentley of nude palettes.  Urban Decay's naked palette wishes it could be this palette.  The four colours in this palette are silky divine goodness.  I thought I died and went to e/s heaven when I swiped this with my finger.  Other than Dior, I have not felt an eyeshadow so finely milled and luxurious.  I am absolutely in love.  One of the eyeshadows is very shimmery and glittery and perfect for that glammed out nighttime look, so you can easily use this palette for day-time and night-time.  I cherish this palette and really grateful for WM for swapping with me.

Last month was all about high end products, but this month has been all about more affordable beauty products.  I can not wait to show you all the new products that I have got this month, so stay tuned...

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