Saturday, October 13, 2012

London Shopping Haul - Suqqu, Dior, Chanel and Clinique

I had a fabulous London shopping trip with an even more fabulous new girlfriend of mine this week.  I don't know why, but it is always much more fun to go shopping with someone else.  Well, we hit up the usual hot spots...Selfridges, Harrods, Bond Street, and this time we went to Camden.

This is my haul from this trip, and needless to say that other than my watch that I have been going on and on about, this will have to be the last of the major hauls.  All these beauties has set me back a pretty penny :)

Sorry about the instagram photos. I honestly wanted to get a blog post up as it has been forever since I last posted. I will review these products as I use them a bit more.

The haul consist of:
Dior mini palette in Royal Khaki - thanks to my awesome Dior SA!

Dior creme abricot nail cream - I have no idea why I waited to so long to buy this, it's really awesome!

Suqqu eyeshadow brush F - Where have you been all my life? The softest eyeshadow brush that I have ever touched. I died a little and gone to makeup brush heaven!

Dior foundation brush - this new brush just came out with the nude foundation.  This brush is the best brush that Dior currently has. It feels so soft that you can't even feel the individual bristles. It is the 2nd softest brush that I currently own

Chanel illusions d'ombres in Vision - Thanks to my wonderful DH xx

Suqqu eyebrow pen in green - sorry you can't see this too well in my photos but it's next to the Dior foundation brush. This is my HG eyebrow pen for that natural/everyday look.

Clinique skincare - Liquid facial mild soap and moisture surge
I have used both products a long time ago and although I liked it, I never returned to it, until now.
I got this set, because Boots had an advantage night which was £12 worth of points with any purchase of £50 or more. So ultimately I got this for a lot cheaper than retail.  I think my skin needed some moisture surge as well.  This stuff is amazingly hydrating.

Dior nude foundation 040
I had to get the full size bottle as I am always on the hunt for good foundation, Dior has never let me down and I do like this foundation a lot; however, I do prefer my extreme over it.

Last but not least...
Dior J'adore L'eau perfume
Boots is currently selling this for £34.99 for a 75ml. What a bargain. I tried to find the link, but it looks like it is all sold out now :(

dior eyeshadow, dior nail cream, chanel vision

Suqqu, Dior

Out of all these items, my favourites are the Suqqu eyeshadow brush and the Dior foundation brush. I am so excited to have these in my stash and I honestly feel like they are the best brushes I have used ever.  I definitely will be saving up for more Suqqu brushes.

So that is the end of my London shopping trip haul. If you have any of these, please share with me your rants or raves about the products. I'd love to hear about how you all got on with them :)

see you soon xx

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