Saturday, October 13, 2012

JINNYlash Extension Review

I had an opportunity to go to JINNYlash salon this week for a complimentary express lash set.  I jumped on the chance to get this, because I suffer from "no-lash" symptom.  Seriously, my lashes are so hard to see, because they are not only small and thin but the mono lid makes it even harder and covers them up more.  So as you can see, this was a service that I desperately needed.

I did some online research prior to going into the treatment.  I liked that this would last up to 3 weeks or more.  I avoided other blogger reviews on this treatment as I wanted to go into it with no preconceived notions.

So I stopped by the Bond Street location this past Wednesday afternoon.  It was super easy to find as it was right by the tube station and Selfridges.  We found it immediately, because there was actually construction going on and the barricades were right by the salon.  It is literally around the corner from Oxford Street and right next to Starbucks, so the small salon is very easy to find.

I arrived 15 minutes early and was taken straight into the treatment room.  First observation was the slide away door that opens up to reveal a small waiting room and a few treatment rooms off to the side.  I also immediately saw that the technicians at JINNYlash were Korean. This might not matter to most of you, but it really mattered to me as I'm Korean myself.  We greeted each other in the usual polite Korean manner, and the technician began to explain to me the best size and thickness that suited Korean eyes.  I did not argue and left it up to the technician to give me what she felt was the best for our eye shape.

I laid down on the treatment bed and a cooling pad was placed under my eyes.  I had no idea what that was for, but it felt nice.  The technician told me not to talk too much (as I was yacking away with my friend waiting for me in the waiting room) as the movement might be an issue during the treatment and to keep my eyes closed for the duration of the treatment.  So...if you are like me, the minute someone tells you not to do something, you just want to do it.  The next 60 minutes was absolute torture for me.  I realised that I am not the type of person who can lie there for an hour and not open your eyes.  I was a nightmare client for the tech. I felt so bad for her!  The bright light that was placed over my eyes was so harsh and all I wanted to do was open my eyes!  I had ridiculous rapid eye movement, and I know I was a very difficult client for her.  Even my breathing exercises couldn't get me to lay there still.

The technician worked very quickly and was very light handed. I guess it takes that type of skill to place individual lashes.  I forgot to mention that I had 30 lashes placed on each eye.   There was all of 5 minutes where there was a slight discomfort, but nothing that should ever keep anyone from getting lash extensions.  I just wanted to disclose that in case you thought that you couldn't feel anything at all.  I also have to mention that the glue is potent and when you get a whiff of it, it is slightly unpleasant. But once again, it is not something that should concern someone and prevent them from getting it done.  These are my observations from a lash extension newbie. 

My tech was so professional and worked very hard and the end result was fantastic.  I'm sorry I don't have before photos, but believe me when I say that without strip lashes, you wouldn't even think that I had lashes, so these photos show an amazing improvement.  I also have to say that afterwards, everyone complimented me on my new lashes.  I felt that they were very natural looking, and you could not see any glue or any evidence that I had extensions put in.  I am really happy about that as I don't want people knowing that I have extensions in.




I can't be happier that I have lashes now. The lashes has really opened up my eyes and I just love them.  I am now on day 4 of wearing these lashes and only one has fallen out and they are still very comfortable.  It is such a shame that I am unable to lay still for an hour otherwise this would be a new obsession of mine.  I guess I'm just weird like that, but I honestly think JINNYlash did an amazing job on my lashes.

JINNYlash salon is located on 16 James Street (Bond Street) and you can visit them at  An express set like mine cost £100.

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