Sunday, April 14, 2013

My favourite things this week

Hello lovely ladies x

Let's see...what on earth have I been up too? Work, work, work, oh travel (for work), and more work.

In the craziness of what I call my life now, there have been a few bits that have caught my eye and have become my favourite things this week.

Last week when I was in London for training, I popped into Muji. God I love that shop so much. I picked up a pen case and a set of pens. My obsession with Japanese and Korean pens have become a bit ridiculous, but hey ho we all have our quirks right? :)

The pens are fine pointed and the gels do not bleed. I love the colourful array of pens and I really like the transparency of both the pens and the pen case.

The set cost £9.95 and the pen case was over £2.50

The next favourite item of this week is by a designer called Gogo Philip. I can't even remember how I came across this designer, but the minute I discovered him I found myself scouring the internet for more of his jewellery. This one is my first piece by him.

I love how big and chunky this bracelet is! Very retro and modern urban at the same time.

This can be purchased at Asos for £20.

This post can not be complete without a Lush item.

Behold the adorable Mumkins!

I grabbed these two, because I absolutely love their facial expressions LOL!

The lovely raspberry smell is nice, but I just couldn't get over their faces! lol

If you can still find these they were £2.75 each and they are actually bubble bars.

And last but definitely not least, my new obsession....

The Ikea vanity table

This table is on a lot of blogger's wishlists and I'm no different. I love the sleek design and since I literally have no space where I am now, this slim table would be perfect! I'll probably end up getting the Alex as well this Christmas. Although I'd prefer the black version, I am warming up to the white.

What are some of your favourites this week?

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