Sunday, May 13, 2012

A quick update

It feels like forever since I last blogged. I finally got a day off of work today and of course I have a cold.  The sun is also out and it's a beautiful here in England, and of course I'm inside in sweats and a jumper trying to stay warm.  Life is funny sometimes.

I am running into a problem where I have way too many products, I can not even begin to tell you the amount of beauty products that are in stored away in boxes. I don't even have anymore space to store products.  So I have been trying every avenue to sell or give away some products.  I'll be updating my blog sale soon, so watch out for that.

Other than that, I'll have some swatches and reviews soon to come.

Someone asked me recently what I've been lemming for recently and they have to be Strangebeautiful's new set called Inept laundress.  Inept laundress is a series of whites, grieges and off whites.  It's basically the colour spectrum of your whites after your laundry mistakes.  Genuis!  It's really the little things and the way that she captures everyday life in a bottle that wins my heart (and my wallet) everytime.  The other wishlist item that I've been lemming really hard for is the Tom Ford eyeshadow quad in Golden Mink.  Yes...I know it's not practical or even wise to purchase something so out of my budget range, but it doesn't stop this girl from wanting it LOL!

Anyways, going to walk Oscar and try to take some more cold medicine and I should be back soon with some swatches.  Hold Tight! :)  xx

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