Friday, March 22, 2013

Oscar Needs Your Help: Hartz Frisky Frolic Doy Toy

Somehow during our move the UK, Oscar's favourite toy was misplaced, lost, stolen, I dunno....disappeared into the black hole.  I felt horrible, but I figured that he would get over it and that I was being silly and overprotective for feeling guilty about losing his favourite toy as a puppy.

It wasn't until this morning that the guilt returned. DH was playing a video he filmed of Oscar when we were back in Miami and Oscar ran into the room and started to claw at the computer screen, because he heard the toy.  We use to call it Mr. Squeaky as Oscar squeaked it night and day.  It was amazing to see how Oscar reacted to the sound of his baby toy, and it totally broke my heart.

I have emailed a few friends, contacted US ebay sellers in hopes of finding this toy.  If anyone can help me get Oscar's childhood toy, I will be eternally grateful and will even send you a beauty box full of goodies for your troubles!

I purchased this toy at Walgreens in Miami, but I know that Hartz is sold all over the US.

THANK YOU GUYS!!! And I promise to video Oscar frolicking around with his toy if he ever gets his claws on one again xx

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