Sunday, March 17, 2013

March Wishlist

I realised I haven't done one of these posts in so long.  Ok, Ok, I haven't done a proper post at all in so long lol but I am going to attempt to do more regular posts as soon as this month is over - Pinky Swear :p x

So March is a funny month for me as at the end of this month, the wonderful government is going to take over £1000 from me and in return I get to stay in this lovely country indefinitely :)  So all my hard earned money is going to that and not fun stuff for me to show you all.  Once that is paid off, I am putting a deposit onto the cruise that I have been dying to go on for next year, so I need to be realistic about my money situation and not splurge. Having said that - A Girl Can Dream! And trust me...this girl dreams BIG - REAL BIG :)

I'll start with my first lemming of the month.


£17, found here on Asos

I still remember how amazing my lashes were when I last went to the JinnyLash studio. Now I'm hoping I can recreate that with these strip lashes :)

£6, found here on Selfridges

I've been looking for another eyebrow pen for a bit more a dramatic look. I love my Suqqu one but it is for natural un-noticable eyebrows imo.

£2.90, Found on Ebay 
Please check seller's feedback prior to bidding :)

So that is my tiny new wishlist. Please share with me your current lemmings x

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