Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Amsterdam Trip & Beauty Shopping

About a month ago, I went to Amsterdam on a work trip and was able to spend sometime in the city by myself.  It was odd being in a city alone, despite having co-workers around. On one hand, I felt I should mingle, but on the other hand, I wanted to explore a city on my own.  I have never done that before, so this was a perfect chance for me to do so.

Being selfish about wanting to go to the shops I wanted to go to and see the museums that I wanted to go to, I ventured out by myself on a cold winters day.  Amsterdam was very easy to walk around. 

L-R: Canals, Rembrandt museum, view from my hotel windows, an amazing pastry I bought at a local stop one late night yum, and artifacts that Rembrandt collected himself
My favourite part of Amsterdam happened to be the Rembrandt Museum.  The best part was the etching workshop that I did at the Rembrandt museum.  There was something very interesting and unique about doing etchings in the same place where he did his etchings. What a genius! Oh and the canals.  I tourist-y, but that's what I was that day. I walked around eating from local shops.  I didn't get photos of the vintage shops that I went into, but there were so many.  Unfortunately, I thought the prices were too high for what they were so I ended up buying only some Dutch chocolates and a Koh Crystal Nail File.

I've heard so much about Koh nail polish and a few years ago I was obsessed about getting some (this was of course when I still lived in America).  When I went into Douglas, the Koh display was so dusty and not cleaned and it looked as cheap as some of the drugstore displays.  I didn't get any polishes.  They were beautiful, but it just wasn't worth the hefty price tag.

Crystal Nail File from Koh

Still very expensive at 27 euros, but I realised that it is something that I will use constantly that isn't a tacky souvenirs that every tourist gets.  The quality the crystal file is amazing.  It is heavy, and beautifully made; however, it makes an awful noise on my nails that reminds me of when someone runs their nails on a chalkboard.  The key is to file slowly and take your time.  For that reason, I give this a 7 out of 10.  I didn't realise that a crystal nail file would make that noise on my nails. If I would have known, I wouldn't have purchased this, but at least it's a beautiful item for me to have and use and will always remind me of my trip to Amsterdam.

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