Friday, August 2, 2013

Lush Cosmetics Full of Grace Serum Bar Review

What a beautiful name for a product.  Grace is something that I need more in myself and funny enough, Lush's Full of Grace was something that I needed that I didn't even know that I needed.

Full of Grace is small pink/nude solid serum bar. It melts immediately with the touch of your fingetips and apply the melted serum onto your face.  Personally, as a day time moisturiser it is too oily, but it is perfect for when I want to give my face a massage in the evening.

I'm in my 30's now and skincare has become a very important product in my beauty regime.  I want something that has long-term benefits and I learned awhile ago that your skin isn't ready to accept products until it is "awaken".  I learned that it takes roughly 30 minutes of vigorous massage to wake up the skin and that is why makeup usually doesn't stay on skin.  It makes sense to me.  There are tons of Asian beauty tools targeted to massage your face as well. So there must be some truth in this?? Whether there is any validity behind that statement, I have been massaging my face whenever I have the time. 

This little bar is full of power as well (so a little goes a LONG way).  It has some amazing ingredients like:

Murumuru Butter, Calamine Powder, Cupuacu Butter, Fresh Rose Petal Infusion, Organic Almond Oil, Perfume, Fresh Portobello Mushrooms, Chamomile Blue Oil, Rose Oil, and Tagetes Oil

I love all the moisturising butters that they put in this and the fact that there is fresh rose petal infusion in it too, which makes this an extremely delicate serum that I believe has a lot to do with diminishing my roscea.  Also, when I use this at night, I find that I don't need as much moisturiser in the morning, because my skin is very supple.

I loved this so much that I already have a backup of it (as you can see from my photo).
It's  an amazing price for £7.95.  Serums usually cost a lot more and I can't even read the ingredients in most of them, so for less than £8, I am very very happy with this serum and it is definitely worth every penny.

You can buy yours at any Lush shop and online.

Until next time - Stay Graceful :)


  1. I would probably find this too oily for my face too. Booo....I bet it feels amazing to the fingertips though. I always love the feel of solid butter bars melting between my fingers.

    1. Well if you'd like to try one, let me know and I'll send you one x

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  2. If applied on a daily basis, how long does this product last?

    1. I would say about a month if you are indulgent with the product or 1.5-2 months if you only use a light coat each night x