Thursday, December 13, 2012

Christian Dior Mitzah Palette

I never in my dreams thought that I would be able to blog about this palette.  I remember when I first saw the press releases for this beauty.  I instantly fell in love, until the cruel reality kicked in and I saw the price tag.  I gave up trying to own it and didn't blog much about it after I mentioned it once in a lemmings post.  Then I had the privilege to become really great friends with someone who happens to work for Dior.  I never in my dreams thought that she would end up getting one for me.  You could imagine my surprise when I opened up the bag to find this! I was speechless...absolutely speechless.

I haven't dared to swatch it yet, and it might take me sometime to actually tough it.  I just love it so much and I'm still contemplating about whether I should use it or not.

This is the first Christmas gift that I have received.  If this is any indication of what Christmas is going to be like this year, I have a feeling it's going to be a good one :)

The packaging is luxurious (rightfully so for the amount of money they were asking) and it's really such a gorgeous product.  The actual palette has beautifully crafted as well.  I'm in Dior heaven :)

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