Sunday, September 23, 2012

PRODUCT ALERT/RECALL: Poundland Find: Stila spf 30 oil-free sheer color tined moisturizer

This is not an official recall from the company, it is my way of trying to alert you all out there that there is an old product on the market being sold by the giants at Poundland.

Just found out that this product that was being sold at Poundland is 8 years old. The notice came from Stila directly, so if you were like me and thousands of others, you should not use this product.  I had no adverse effect, but that still doesn't excuse the fact that it hasn't been manufactured now for 8 years old.

Poundland has completely lost my trust, and I find this to be a very poor decision on Poundland's part to sell something that is cream based and 8 years old.

 Here is my previous post so you can see what the product actually looks like
Tokki and Oliver: Poundland Find: Stila spf 30 oil-free sheer color tined moisturizer

 If you bought this, please discard immediately and pass on this information asap.


  1. It only matters if the tube is open.

    UNUSED and UNOPENED makeup is fine to start using, just make sure you use it all up in the normal time limit.

    1. Hi Anonymous - Sorry I will have to disagree with you as this product was made over 8 years ago. Surely within 8 years the product's shelf life has expired. I work in the beauty industry and many products do have a minimum of 30 months shelf life on average if there are loads of preservatives. I personally do not feel that there is enough preservatives in any skincare product that will help a product last 8 years whether it was sealed or opened.