Friday, June 15, 2012

Vitry Nail Repair Treatment Review

 I don't suffer from weak nails as much as I suffer from dry cuticles, but my nails have been put through the ringer lately with my new day job.  A few weeks ago, I got a care package full of beauty products and in it was this product.  Vitry is a new brand to me, so of course I googled it.  They claim that this product will strengthen weak nails within 2 weeks.  Well it's been about 2 weeks, and their claims are so far accurate.

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My nails are slightly stronger, and hasn't broken as much as they were before.  I am still doing the same amount (or maybe even more) usage of my hands.  I have also noticed that my nail polish is lasting a bit longer (a day or so) ever since using this.  It definitely aids in nail polish bonding and strengthening your nails.

Now the downside ... this will not prevent nail stains.  A good base coat will help with staining, but this does not.  Whatever polish you use, if it bleeds, it will bleed right onto your nails.  The other issue is that it does leave ridges if you are not careful.  The product is slightly thick, so there is unevenness and therefore leaving very minor ridges on your nail polish bed.

So it's a give and take you see.  If you want strong nails, this works, but you can't have it all I suppose. Or maybe you can, and I just haven't found the product that does so.

It comes in a 4ml and 10ml bottle.  I have the 4ml and I believe it will last me about a month or maybe even 6 weeks.  The prices vary depending on which online shop you purchase it from, but I would definitely get a sample before investing on the full size.

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