Thursday, June 7, 2012

NEW Barry M Chameleon Colours

Barry M really surprises me sometimes. They really know how to make their presence known in the nail polish world.  Chameleon Colours - wow! what an exciting concept for us nail polish junkies.  A clear topcoat changes the colour making it instant nail art easy peasy.

I can't get over how cheap they are, while keeping their product standards extremely high.  Barry M makes some of the best nail polishes that's currently on the market.  You just can't fault them...well maybe they could do with revamping their ads as they look cheap, but if that means cheap ads but good quality nail polishes, then I'll just deal with these cheapy looking ads lol.

They come in 3 colours.  An online friend sent me the photo of the colour change and boy is it neato!  These are out now.
So who's going to pick one up?

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